New Year: New Happenings for just B more


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The end of the first month of 2018 is quickly coming for us and many people in Baltimore spent the first few weeks reading articles, watching news segments or listening to podcasts all about how to make changes to your life in this new beginning that is 2018. Over here on just B more I decided to take a break from the list of things to achieve—and start anew.

2018 is going to be a big year for just B more starting with that snazzy new logo you see perched at the top of the page! Designed by local Maryland high school senior Lauren C., it is just one of the things that’s exciting and new for this website. That’s right, we’re growing up and going places in 2018.

And I wanted to give you a little preview of some changes that are coming to this corner of Baltimore’s internet community. Here are some things to look forward to:

This Moment in Politics

—More features about the places, people and things you didn’t know you loved!

The whole mission of just B more is to give Baltimore and Maryland locals a place to find and support locals. I’m all about keeping it in the family here. I created this website to promote the great things happening in the place that I love, because I believe we are the best there is! And I think there’s more to Baltimore than “Top 10” lists which is why you will continue to see in-depth features on local organizations, like The Nasty Press, and small businesses, like The Broken Plate. Because I believe we should just B more than a customer—we should be a community.

—Unique collaborations with locals like you!

I believe that if we work together we can all just B more. We can be more than unconnected people going to grab our morning coffee and heading to our jobs, homes, or cell phones. I want to collaborate with like-minded doers and work towards the common goal of making a stronger Baltimore/Maryland community. Collaborations like working with Lauren C. (look out for a feature on her in the coming days!) help to promote the unknown talent, passion, and dreams of everyone. And I would love to collaborate with you! Send me a message through my contact page or simply comment below.


Buffalo Adventure! 121—Personal invite into my life, mission and dreams

Sounds a little narcissistic? Well, what I realized over the course of 2017 is that I really want to get to know my readers and collaborators better. But a relationship isn’t just a one-sided post. If I want to learn about you, then I have to just B more willing to share about myself. So once a month you’ll get the chance to learn a little more about me, my life and the dreams I have for this community I’m building.

Those are just a few of the fantastic things that will be happening throughout 2018. I’m incredibly excited about what is to come and beyond thankful to all of you who have been following this little website since it first started. Look how far we’ve come!

Please reach out to me!!! You can comment below, send me an email (, or DM me on Instagram (@justbmoreblog) to suggest locals to feature, set up a collaboration or just say, “Hi!” And if you love just B more, share it with a friend!

What could just ‘B’ more exciting?



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