Meet the just B more design intern: Lauren Conaway

just B more art and design intern Lauren Conaway

Here at just B more the entire purpose is to help locals find and support locals. So when I decided it was time to create a logo for the website, I knew I wanted to help a new local talent. A talent so new that they haven’t even graduated from high school yet. I put my feelers out to an art teacher I knew (because we work together – gotta start somewhere right?) and one student answered the call.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my fabulous art and design intern: Lauren Conaway!

just B more logo: Lauren Conaway

Lauren has big goals and a killer design vision. A junior at Liberty High School in Carroll County, Lauren started life with a passion for art. Painting and drawing were where it was at, until she was introduced to some logo design contests. Her interest piqued, she spent a day at the Carroll County Career and Tech program and saw the print production completer. It was while seeing the poster, packaging and marketing design that Lauren thought graphic design and advertising might be her calling.

“I had a new respect for the little things that can be done in that field. It’s definitely interesting,” she told me with a warm smile and creative spark in her eyes.

LHS National Art Honor Society t-shirt: Lauren Conaway

With college still a year and a half away, Lauren says when it comes to her career path, “I’m not sure yet. I’m in the mood to do whatever. Right now I’m just working on getting ready for college and preparing myself.”

Which worked out great for me! Over the next year and a half, Lauren will be working with me to take just B more to the next level. When you see a design, logo or art just know that this talented student is behind the magic.

What could just B more exciting?

Soccer logo: Lauren Conaway


just B more circle logo: Lauren Conaway


  1. I will need 6 T shirts in the blue background color with the circle logo on the left arm rather than across the chest. When your ready. I will give you the size for each later. Great idea great ;logo.

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