just B more GREEN this Earth Day

Those who know me well can verify that April is my favorite month of the year. It’s the month of spring weather (okay, still waiting on that), baseball season has started (go O’s!), it’s my Birthday (should be a National Holiday, but whatever) and it’s EARTH DAY!

Some people may think that going green is a March thing – but April is where it’s at. That’s right: Sunday, April 22, 2018 is the day to show Mother Nature a little love. And there are a ton of things you can do to show your love for Baltimore, the Earth and yourself. Here are my top picks for things to help you show your Earth love in and around Baltimore this green holiday.


Get Up Close and Personal with a Dumpster

PC: Waterfront Partnership

Volunteering Unlimited is hosting a Trash Wheel Dumpster Dive on April 14. This local group will get down and dirty to analyze the contents and sort out the recyclables from Professor Trash Wheel, one of our Harbor Green Heroes. You won’t have to get into the dumpster (unless you’re feeling adventurous) but you will help get a tally on just what Baltimore and beyond are feeding the Professor. When the fun of counting and storting is finished, head over to the after-party at MaGerks in Fed Hill to celebrate your green deed with a nice cold beverage. DETAILS: Trash Wheel Dumpster Dive


Get Blinded by Science

PC: Waterfront Partnership

Want to have the drink and good deed without getting dirty? Waterfront Partnership and Peabody Heights Brewery will officially release their newest beer – Professor Trash Wheel’s She Blinded Me Wit Science. Sales at Peabody Heights on April 21 will benefit Healthy Harbor initiatives. There’ll be rad 80s music, science experiments, food trucks and fun. Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 at the door – and you receive a limited edition Professor Trash Wheel pint glass! DETAILS: Professor Trash Wheel Blinded Me Wit Science

Try Out Your Green Thumb

PC: B. Willow

Eager to bring a little green into your home? B. Willow makes it easy in three different ways on April 22, 2018. Learn how to be a greener home cleaner by stopping by their Echotopia: Earth Day Everyday Pop-Up from 11–3. Later that evening there will be a Mounted Tropicals workshop from 5:30–7, and tickets can be purchased online here. Can’t commit to a time? Stop by any time that day for an Earth Day sale on all plants and planting table materials. DETAILS: B. Willow Earth Day Events

Join a Secret Society

PC: Waterfront Partnership

Can’t get enough of the Trash Wheels of Baltimore? Then join me in pledging to become a verified member of The Order of the Wheel. It’s not too late to register and once you do Wheeliam Tiberius Trash Wheel will give you an Order of the Wheel name and send you on your journey to complete the five Spokes of the Wheel. Pledging goes from now until May 5, 2018. Finish the challenges and you become a member (and we can swap secret names and do the secret handshake). DETAILS: Order of the Wheel


If you participate in any of the acitivites I suggested, please send me a comment to let me know how it went. OR you can use the hashtag #justBmoreGreen on Instagram and share your Earth Day triumphs. I’ll choose my favorite pictures to feature on @justbmoreblog

What could just B more green?


    • I’m so jealous Michelle! I want to start a composting but I live in an apartment and the last time I tried an indoor one..well, let’s just say bugs and smell! But I’m researching to try again. Converting the lawn sound awesome. Bet it will look amazing!


  1. Have you tried the Boshoki (?) compost method indoors? I had it for a few years until I upgraded to outdoor compost. I just completed my first task for the Order of the Wheel 😉

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  2. […] Fact: I have always wanted to make the world a better place than the one I entered for those that come after me. Sometimes it’s by featuring charities, women, Black and minority owned businesses. Other times I’ll shout out a cause or try to get you involved. […]


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