Birthday Month: Baltimore (or Beth) Style


Call me biased if you feel the need, but April is honestly the best month to have a birthday. I should know, I just celebrated my 37th turn around the world. Like any other person who feels the need to extend celebrations involving themselves, I have looked at April as my month to party for and with myself. And there’s no better place to do so than in and around Baltimore.

With my month of celebrating sadly coming to a close, I wanted to share with you a smattering of the things I’ve done this month to celebrate. I hope it lets you get to know me a little better — AND inspires you to get out and show Baltimore a good time during your month of celebration.

Light City 2018
Lighting it up with a friend!

It wasn’t hard to start my celebration since Light City was moved to the week of my birthday! Nothing says happy-day-you-were-born like lots of lights, music, and food. (And I didn’t have to do anything but show up!) Having been to this event since its first light bulb turned on, it was fun to see it with my friend who’d never been. Seeing the art installations and eating a fantastic crepe on opening night was a blast. And we both agreed that the octopus sculpture was our favorite. (I was also happy to hear people correctly identify it as a cephalopod. Baltimore, you are one smart crepe!)

Octopus Light City Baltimore 2018
It’s a rainbow cephalopod!

My birthday also falls around another great event, which is Earth Day. This year Mr. Trash Wheel was taking pledges for Order of the Wheel, so I automatically signed up because I am in Love with Mr. Trash Wheel and all his trashy friends. I stop by to say “Hello! Keep up the good work!” every time I’m in his hood or the Professor’s. (This is not a joke.)

Order of the Wheel
PC: Waterfront Partnership

But on a slightly more serious note, I really do love that my special month includes Earth Day because spring is all about flowers blooming and rain making rainbows and bees and birds flying around all this color. (I know, it sounds a little nauseating when I read it back, but spring is pretty cool like that!) Being someone who enjoys being outdoors when it’s sunny, I like that the world gets a reminder to help keep it clean. And now I’m only one spoke away from being in Mr. Trash Wheel’s Secret Society.

Earth Day (1)
Taking trash to the can! Oh Yeah!

So far the month was shaping up to be pretty good, but the best thing about birthday months and Baltimore is that there’s always the unexpected. Like the Arabber’s Block Party and Art Show. It was a fun way to spend an hour (or more) talking to people who loved so many different things: art, food, local business, horses. It sounds weird, I know, but then Baltimore is just that kind of quirky. And so am I.

Arabber Art

On my actual birthday I kept with the tradition of taking off of work. (It’s a strict rule I feel everyone should have, and if I were President no one would ever work on their birthday and you would get paid and receive the dessert of your choice and a gift.)

Now, I won’t lie to you, friends, I didn’t spend my actual birthday in Baltimore. I know, I know, TRAITOR!

But you see, my best friend in all the world currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC and there was no way that I wasn’t going to head up to hang with her. (Hey, she spent her birthday here in Baltimore. Plus, she used all her vacation days everyone — it’s a new job!) Also it’s my birthday and besides lights and Trash Wheels and horses, I love to travel. So the only thing left to do on my actual special day was see my favorite person by doing something I love so much.

And honestly, it’s another great thing about this city and my birthday — if I really do feel a need for some reason to visit parts unknown, I can. Easily.

Which is why I bought myself a present when I got back to Baltimore: a handful of travel magazines. Because who knows where I’ll go next year for my birthday?

What could just B more happy?

20180419_064645 (1).jpg

What do you do on your birthday? Any special plans? Traditions? Let me know! And yes, I have no pictures from my actual birthday because I left my phone at home. Ah, life unplugged.


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