Forging New Local Lines with S Tector Metals

Gold Geometric Earrings S Tector Metals
PC: S Tector Metals

Sometimes you need to branch out a little bit to find something truly unique. So I fudged the local lines a bit to feature the fabulous S Tector Metals, because if you’re looking for jewelry there’s just nowhere else you should go. Trust me, like Carrie Bradshaw knows shoes, I know jewelry. There’s nothing that could just B more shiny for the holidays!

Half circle in traps earrings S Tector Metals
PC: S Tector Metals

just B more: First let me say that I ADORE your jewelry. I wear the earrings all the time. What inspired you to make jewelry in the first place? And of all the materials, why metal?

Sarah Tector: Thank you! It was lovely meeting you this spring. I am so pleased that you’ve been enjoying your pieces.

While in art school, we were required to take a mix of 2D and 3D classes. I took metal design class, billed as small scale sculpture, and was hooked two weeks in. We learned to make flatware, form bowls and other items, but wearable pieces, jewelry, were the most recognized form that we created.

JBM: How long have you been making jewelry and running S Tector Metals? 

ST: Fresh from school, I shared a studio and gallery space with a fellow metalsmith for a few years. I then shifted location to NYC to see if being part of a jewelry company in the design department would be a good fit. Moving back to NC, I then worked as a studio assistant to another metalsmith for a year, while also trying to figure out my own work again in my down time. This all lead to me forming my own line and going for it about 9–10 years ago.

Silver Organic Ring S Tector Metals
PC: S Tector Metals

JBM: That’s incredible, I never would have guessed. Your pieces are so unique and definitely speak for themselves. Some are geometric, while others are really organic in look and feel. You really run the spectrum. Where do you get your ideas for such pieces?

ST: It honestly depends on what part of my brain I am in on a given day when I’m in my studio.

One day it is all about clean lines, geometric forms and architectural design have been a strong influence on my work throughout. Seeing how light and shadows with a single crease, fold, or bend of the metal can change the way a piece looks when you turn it in your hands. Playing with positive and negative space or deconstructing a form that you’re familiar with.

Then the next I want to relax the control a little or a lot and see what happens to the structure.

Beaded Silver Hoop Earrings S Tector Metals
PC: S Tector Metals

JBM: Interesting! I love listening to you describe your inspiration! At the last Pile of Craft, you shared that you also have classes – so maybe I can get some of that inspo! How often do you hold these? How do I attend??

ST: Almost 9 years ago I discovered how much I enjoy sharing my love of metalsmithing with others. Blowtorches and hammers are too much fun to keep to myself! I teach group classes at the following places, and I’m hoping to add more locations in the years to come…

Two Pairs of Silver Triple Circle Hoop Earrings S Tector Metals
PC: S Tector Metals

JBM: Okay, I’m definitely adding one of these to my calendar! You must have some fun stories, what with blowtorches and such! Care to share one?

ST: Yes! A sculpture I made some time ago was rented a few years ago by a movie production working on a Nicholas Sparks movie: The Longest Ride I think. The resulting income helped me attend a workshop at Penland School of Crafts that summer.

JBM: Oh my gosh! How cool is that? So how can people get fabulous S Tector Metal pieces to give (or keep)?

ST: Either shopping my Instagram or Facebook pages or at the following shows this holiday season:

JBM: Thanks so much for chatting!

ST: Thank you!

Folder Copper Rings S Tector Metals
PC: S Tector Metals

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