Winter Pillow Talk with American Roadtrip

Chincoteague Pillow PC: American Roadtrip
PC: American Roadtrip

This season you might want to curl up with a hot drink and a comfy pillow – and I know just the place for pillows that will help send you off to sweet dreams. It’s a destination and a pillow with American Roadtrip! Nothing could just B more comfy.

Just B More: First, let me say that the Maryland and National Aquarium pillows are getting a lot of love from me – and my pets! What inspired you to make pillows out of denim and old pennants?? I never would have thought of making pillows from these.

Germany Pillow American Roadtrip Pillows
PC: American Roadtrip

Marcelle Fozard: Thank you! I am so tickled to hear that you and your pets are loving the pillows! I have always been a huge fan of reusing and recycling as much as we can to help our planet. The recycled denim came from my kids’ old jeans – which for several years, we went through so many pairs. The pants were pretty beat up from playing, so I didn’t want to pass them on, but there was a lot of good material to save, so they were the start of the denim stripes!

The pennants are snazzy on their own. I used to work as a graphic designer, and I love the old typography and images. I enjoy thinking about the designer who came before me, who was given a project of promoting the Grand Canyon or a “new” turnpike. People would hang them up for a while, but tastes would change and the pennants would find themselves in the bin.  I am excited to see these vintage designs and give the pennants a second life as a designer pillow.

Ocean City pillow from American Roadtrip
PC: American Roadtrip

JBM: So how long has this been your small business?

MF: This has been my small business for about three years. I was a stay-at-home-mom and ran PTA Lemonade stands, school book drives, and bake sales. As my kids grew up, I needed to find a new direction, and with a lot of wonderful help and advice from other women makers, I found a new direction with these pennants.

JBM: What’s more fun: hunting for the pennants or making the pillows?

MF: Both! I love hunting at flea markets, but I enjoy finishing a pillow and love meeting the person who makes the pillow theirs. I love hearing stories, and each pillow has a special meaning for that person. I have done wedding pillows, anniversary pillows – those are my favorite. I also embroider names and dates on the pillows.

Chicago pillow American Roadtrip
PC: American Roadtrip

JBM: Do you have any fun stories from the business?

MF: One of my favorite customers was a woman in her late 70s, who I met in Pennsylvania. She traded me her collection of pennants from her travels for some pillows. She shared several of her stories about meeting the Rat Pack in Vegas – and had her pennant as a souvenir of that stop. I met a veteran who bought a Normandy pennant pillow and shared that he was at Normandy for D-Day. It’s always wonderful to hear the stories.

JBM: It’s the holiday season, how can people get their hands on your pillows for gifts (or to treat themselves)?

MF: Wow, I have an Etsy shop, a website, but really, email me at and ask about a special place! I will send you photos of available pennants and make them right up for you. I also have my pennant pillows available at the Maryland Historic Society gift shop for you history fans.

JBM: Awesome!

PC: American Roadtrip

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