Third Annual Nonprofits to Love!


Guess what time it is? That’s right! It’s the Third Annual Nonprofits to Love!

But first a little note:

You might have noticed it’s a little late this year. In all honesty, it’s because I struggled with the idea of posting it. I received some fantastic nominations from you all and hit up the nominees for information and photo releases. And waited. And waited and… I’m sure you can guess. I had some great nonprofits last year, and all of the nonprofits were chosen by you. I didn’t want to let you down this year, and it felt like it would be a failure to not have a list.

BUT one nonprofit did come through and they deserve to be spotlighted! So this year, it’s one incredible nonprofit for you to help. So drum roll please… This year’s Non-Profit to Love is:

BSO OrchKids

CS OrchKids Artscape-1202.jpg

OrchKids is a year-round music program designed to create social change and nurture promising futures for youth in Baltimore City neighborhoods. Under the direction of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Music Director, Marin Alsop, OrchKids allows the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to reach out to the diverse Baltimore community. OrchKids provides music education, instruments, academic instruction, meals, as well as performance and mentorship opportunities at no cost to students and families. Programs occur both during and after school, year-round, so students have many opportunities to benefit from this unique program. Currently, OrchKids works with six public schools in Baltimore City, serving over 1,000 children from pre-K through 10th grade.

You can help by donating instruments or monetary gifts, which are tax-deductible. Want to be involved in person? You can donate your time as well. OrchKids is always welcoming volunteers to help with after-school programs, guest speakers, even office help. So go out and get your music on with the kids!

CC Concert-113.jpg

What else can you do to help Baltimore nonprofits?

  • Send that check you didn’t get around to sending during the holiday to one of the honorees or your favorite charity. The season of giving may be over, but the season of love just started! Now’s the time to send that donation.
  • Start that New Year’s resolution to volunteer more—many organizations are starting to feel the New Year’s rush drop off, so now is your chance to swoop in and lend that much-needed hand.
  • Donate those items you have packed in a box and ready to go. Trust me, they are still needed.

The point is now is the time to remember those that don’t always get remembered beyond Thanksgiving and the typical charity holiday season. Let’s look to the nonprofits that might be overlooked this time of year. Share your faves in the comments section to spread the love!

What could just B more lovely?




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