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Found Studio/Shop
Kacey Stafford Found Studio / Shop PC: Found Studio / Shop

If you’ve been around this website long enough, you know that I am all about the Maryland, and specifically Baltimore, makers. It seems like each holiday season, I fall in love with another talented maker and artist here in our great city. And often I find myself wishing that there was a place where I could shop these great makers all the time. You know, a one-stop shop for all that is great about the Baltimore maker community.

My prayers have been answered, thanks to Found Studio / Shop.

Owner, founder and entrepreneur Kacey Stafford of Found Studio took her word of the year, Leap, quite literally when the owners of Red Canoe Cafe came to her with space to create a retail store off of their cafe. Having sold her mixed media prints through her Esty site and at regional shows since 2009, she was thinking about where to go next. The opportunity to have a shop where people could support not just herself, but also makers from Baltimore City and the surrounding region, was too good to pass up.

The I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed in January. Starting in February and through March, with a lot of determination, help from her husband, and long hours, the Found Studio / Shop was born. It’s opening to the public in April, but I was able to grab a sneak peak, and let me tell you: You’ve gotta see this shop!

Maryland and Baltimore Made Wares

From the moment you walk in the statement-making teal door, you know you’re going to walk out with something special, one of a kind, and crafted with talent and love. This shop may be small, but it is filled with anything you might need, want or just enjoy.

The wares are cultivated with care by Kacey herself and feature tried-and-true Baltimore favorites, as well as makers from D.C., Philly, and a little beyond. This is the only shop were you’ll be able to find all 11 makers from the Charm City Craft Mafia. That means you’ll find Jenny Jen 42, Urban Assemblage, as well as the others.

You’ll also see that the makers from the just B more: Shop Local for the Holidays series are well represented! You can snag a pillow from American Roadtrip or grab some amazing jewelry by The Broken Plate.

And you can learn new names like Cotton Monster Jen, whose adorable plushies are exclusive to this store only!

Cotton Monster Jen Plushies

There are gifts for any and every occasion: from baby blankets and toys to jewelry and mugs. There is no way you won’t be able to find the perfect gift. That’s done by design, as Kacey told me.

“I’m proud to support all of the makers, and I wanted to make the perfect place to get gifts or even treat yourself. There’s a price for everyone, from $8 to $80.”

And Kacey isn’t kidding. There’re even body lotions, tea, wooden spoons and more. I realized that I could outfit my entire apartment just by shopping here.

Jewelry, MD Made, Rachel O's; The Broken Plate Jewelry, Baltimore Made

When can you go to Found Studio / Shop?

Found Studio / Shop is located at 4337 Harford Road, right next to Red Canoe Cafe. (You can actually enter through the cafe. So grab a coffee or Peach Tea – a Kacey favorite – and head over!)

Normal store hours are going to be a little flexible as Kacey, a working mother of two wonderful children, works out those details. But know that Found Studio / Shop will be open Tuesdays thru Saturdays starting around 9am. Check the Found Studio / Shop website for details.

Card Wall, Found Studio / Shop

Still with me? GREAT! Because Kacey did something amazing for the readers of just B more and is giving away the awesome print seen below!

Live on Coffee & Flowers

Congrats to our winner @allidubbs!

What could just B more fantastic?Found Studio / Shop



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