Go Cruising With Your Canine and Dogs of Charm City on Baltimore Water Taxi!

Wyatt and Beer
Wyatt, happy to be on board Baltimore Water Taxi

I just found best new thing in Baltimore, and your dog is welcome to join!

In fact, bringing your four-legged friend is the whole point of a new dog-friendly adventure called Canine Cruises, hosted by Dogs of Charm City and Baltimore Water Taxi. This devoted dog mom found out about it and had to be on their inaugural voyage. I figured there couldn’t be anything to lose, and Wyatt and I’d get a nice trip on a boat, right? So I wrangled up my great friend and her puppy pal and we headed off to waters unknown.

Dogs on Deck with Baltimore Water Taxi and Dogs of Charm City PC: Baltimore Water Taxi

And it was THE BEST THING EVER! Sorry for the all caps, but how else can I express the greatness that is Canine Cruises?

The St. Patrick’s Day–themed cruise was an hour tour of the Inner Harbor for friends both human and furry. As you can see, a great crowd turned out, and there’s no wonder why. Dogs had full run of the deck during the tour and Wyatt made sure to live it up, making lots of new friends. Our canine companions also had their choice of water or green “dog beer” as well as St. Paddy’s–inspired dog treats and Pup-sicles from Charm City Pops.

Pedey and Beer
Pedey trying his first green Dog Beer.

Humans were told they could bring their own beverages to the event, a fact I forgot about until I boarded. But there was nothing to worry about, as the ladies had us covered and offered a few varieties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. With a drink secured, my friend Paige and I relaxed, chatted, and played with all of the pups! The weather was amazing, and the harbor looked great. It was the perfect day on the water with a crew of dog-loving people.

paige and I
@paige.e.mello and @justbmoreblog getting our cruise on!

If you’re anything like me, you love spending time with your dog and your non-furry friends. That’s the idea that led Lyndsay of Dogs of Charm City and Stacy of Baltimore Water Taxi to partner up and try out a day on the water with the dogs.

“We have a dog-friendly office, and I just thought, could we take all the dogs on the boat?” Stacy told me as she patted her beautiful lab mix, Smitty.

“I talked it over with Stacy,” Lyndsay continued, “and thought, well, let’s get some decorations, the treats and beer and see what happens.”


Canine Cruise
I’m on a boat! PC: @paige.e.mello

What happened was a great time had by all. Both dogs and humans had a great time socializing, drinking and posing for pictures. Everything was included in the ticket, so there was none of that pesky nickel and diming that so often happens at events. All that was expected of you was to have a good time. And that…well, that was easily accomplished!

Wanna get in on all the fun? The next Canine Cruise is going to be April 13th and will offer three rides: 11am, 12:30pm, and 2pm. The tours start and end at the Canton Waterfront Park. This time around it will be an Easter theme complete with an Easter Bunny, a dogs-only Easter Egg Hunt before the launch, and a beautiful themed decoration display by Sentimental Fools. Tickets are available here, but there’s a limited amount, so get yours now! Tell them just B more sent you!

And if you miss out on this adventure, don’t worry, there’s more to come! Plans for May are already in the works.

What could just B more doggone fun?

Puppies on a Boat
Can’t wait for the next Canine Cruise! PC: Baltimore Water Taxi


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