Praising the women in my life, one week at a time

Some people might say, Women’s History Month, who needs it?

Well, women, duh.

But before you assume this is going to be a long rant about how great women are and how under-appreciated we are…well, you’re only slightly wrong.

See, last week as you were all leaping to do ‘gram-worthy things on our extra day of February, I was mostly buying groceries, canceling a date and being exhausted and sick on the couch. While lounging in semi-comfort rewatching Sex and the City for an unnumbered time, I thought about how important that past week was for me. After all, I had messaged two of the best women in this galaxy that is guarded to emoji and bitmoji and all-caps proclaim that they have the happiest days of birth in their respected NOT HERE locations. How coincidental is it that two people who mean so much to me would be born not only in the same month but in succession?

As I thought about it a little longer, I realized that the woman of my oldest friendship was born exactly one month apart from them. I thought about writing a great birthday post in their honor, but the weekend got away from me.

(And honestly, I thought, who would want to read that? See, I’m still fighting the battle to follow my gut.)

When I walked into work this week, I was hit with a bulletin board that brought to my attention the apparent fact that this is Women’s History Month. It seems that for once my wandering mind was in tune with the themed universe. Plus, it reminded me that my gut had a great idea and the themed universe was giving me a way to write that post to my friends.

But this, my internet friends, is not that post.

Because, as I began this wonderful post to my OG Girl Gang, I thought about the newer, but no less important, gal pals in my life. Which led me to think of the women in my family, causing me to reflect on those in my two chosen professions.

One look at the calendar showed me and my told-ya-so-gut that I had quite the series of posts to write during Women’s History Month. Sure, these women may not have made the history books (which, due to the lack of women in general is honestly not surprising) BUT they did a whole lot for the history of my life.

So this is the post to tell you the other posts are coming and to warn you they will be funny, heartfelt and true.

The first one drops on Sunday, and I’m beyond excited to share it.

So keep a lookout and keep reading…you may be mentioned!

What could just B more girl powered?

This article was written by Elizabeth Schap and first appeared on just B more.

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