Let’s start Fun Food Friday! COVID-19 edition

As another weekend starts, many of us (although apparently not ALL of us, I see you out there – GO HOME!) are doing our part and keeping it homie this weekend. I personally have only made two journeys out, back to my school to get materials so I can effectively do my job from home. I’m happy knowing I’m doing what’s right for everyone, but I want to do more. And I don’t want to cook.

So I propose, for those of us who can, we make each Friday Fun Food Friday. (You can pick another day if you like. I personally enjoy alliteration.) From this Friday, for as long as this and my budget allows, I will eat one meal by take out from a local business. I figured since I already budget each month for a certain amount of fun outings, I may as well use some of that money to help out local businesses. Plus, it adds some variety to my meals since I’m not doing my usual grocery runs at this time.

You may not be able to do this each Friday. Honestly, I may not either if it proves to be more expensive than my budget allows. However, for now I will help out my local food stops and watering holes the best way I can.

I’ve included some ideas near and far, in case you need some inspiration yourself.

Worth the Drive for Curbside: Home Maid, Fed Hill

Currently, I am not fortunate enough to live within delivery distance of the buttery biscuits, flavorful salmon, and decadent french toast meals that make me want to lick my screen whenever Home Maid pops up on my Instagram feed. But they are worth the drive to grab a bag and go. Offering curbside on weekends only, which gives you the perfect reason for a morning drive with a prize at the end.

Sweet Escape: Flavor Cupcakery, Harford County

Sometimes you don’t want a meal, you want a sweet treat. The best place to sedate that sweet tooth is the wonderful Flavor Cupcakery. Offering vegan flavors, cakes, and other dessert delights, there’s something for every sweet fix. The first thing I’m doing when I am able to see my sister is stop at Flavor and grab a salted caramel cupcake for myself and a pupcake for my dogs.

Country State of Mind: Oscar’s Alehouse, Eldersburg & Frederick

Living on the other side of 695? Lucky you, because some of the best food and service in Maryland can be found at Oscar’s Alehouse. There’s a wide variety of foods available, and people around town are partial to their pizzas. I’m partial to their burgers and crab dip. You will no doubt find favorites of your own.

Rolling in the Deep: Sushi Ya, Owings Mills

It is a well-known fact that a girl needs her sushi, and I will tell you Sushi Ya is the BEST sushi you could ever have. If you are having trouble picking dinner tonight, or any other night for the rest of your life, you go here. I love anything eel, and the Sakura roll is a must when my friends and I gather. This local favorite tucked in a strip mall could be easily overlooked. But they are doing a booming business and locals never lie!

Family Fun: Wicked Sisters, Hampden

Need to feed a family or could eat the same solo? Wicked Sisters has family meals (and libations for the adults) ready to go. This is comfort food with a twist, which is what makes it wicked good. The full menu is on offer, which is great because their brussels sprouts are so good even your pickiest child will beg for more.

Up at Dawn: Iron Rooster, Various Locations

Still looking for a place to eat near you? I would almost bet my teacher salary that, if you are reading this, there is an Iron Rooster in your hood. This favorite local chain has locations in the city, Annapolis, and beyond. Serving breakfast all day is a dream, but don’t worry, they have your other meals covered too. Although, with daily Rooster tarts available, why order anything else?

Sundae Any Day: The Charmery, Various Locations and Expanded Delivery

My biggest fear was that I was going to run out of ice cream. This fear is now laid to rest, as The Charmery just started delivery! The range for delivery is vast and covers much of our fair land, yet you can still stop by for pickup at any of the locations. My tip to you: If you’re a fan of the Mint Mountain, stock up. It goes fast.

What could just B more tasty?

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