You Cannot Say “all lives matter” and Do NOTHING Now: Practice What YOU Protest

Dear Fellow White People,

You are saddening me in your silence and inaction. Much of my life I have watched and listened as you passionately rose awareness for your cause to save a life. The lives of the unborn. The lives of the sick and infirmed. The lives of the school children. The lives of the poor and destitute.

I have seen your social media posts. Received your donation requests. Listened to your pleas for extremely important and worthy causes. I offered my help because you cared about these lives so strongly.

But now…

Now, you are silent.

I will not appeal to you to engage in change, by qualifying how black people matter in relationship to me. Black Lives, Black Communities, Black People Matter because they are PEOPLE.

And so if you Care as you claim to care, about any life or all lives, Do Something More to Help End The Systematic Killing of Black and Brown People and the Racist Systems that Leave Them Behind.

Here are some ways – and only some ways – to help:

Support Black Owned Businesses.

If you are not already supporting businesses owned and run by people of color (or any minority group) please, look for these Black owned businesses and spend your money there. If you like their product then TELL OTHERS! Places to start: Fly Nerd Apparel, Donut Alliance, Home Maid, Grind and Wine, and Bushelers.

Write, Call, Email or somehow vocalize to businesses you support to end systematic racism.

My inbox was flooded with emails, from every organization I ever gave my information to, explaining all the ways in which they were going to keep me safe from Covid-19. What are they doing to keep people of color safe all the time? What are they doing to stop systematic racism in their organization and their industry? Ask them. Tell them they need to make this a priority in their business. As you do with your other causes, vote with your dollars if they do not work for change.

Share this article. Or better yet, articles by people of color on how to be an Ally.

So many of you shared my last article about mental illness and I am forever touched and grateful to you. Now please share this one. Or Trevor Noah’s impassioned talk. Or this lesson by Baltimore based writer Krystal Mack. Or any other piece written by a person of color which resonated with you.

Hold yourself, family and friends accountable for your views. And work together to change those views that are harmful.

Talk to the people in your life about what you are all thinking and feeling at this time. Together do the difficult work of identifying your prejudice and blind spots. Together, work toward enacting positive change in your family and community.

Educate yourself about how to be an Ally.

Read, listen, watch, discuss. Figure out how you really feel about racism and inequality as you are seeing it enacted today. Determine if you are currently working simply as a “not racist person” or an anti-racist. If you are confused and need help read How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi.

Donate to, join, and/or volunteer with a nonprofit that is working to enact change or help individuals that do.

The NAACP, National Bail Out Fund, and I Run with Maud are just a few of the causes you can work with to help enact change.

Vote for change.

At the local, state, and country level vote for change. If you have never paid attention to how things are handled on a budgetary, disciplinary, and system wide level now is the time. More than ever, we need to vote to change these systems that keep people of color from being full, free, equal citizens of this country.

Just START somewhere.

But please, please do SOMETHING.

The future of marginalized PEOPLE depend on it. The future of marginalized PEOPLE depend on you. Where will you stand at this moment?

Yours in meaningful Allyship and Change,

Elizabeth Schap

The article You Can’t Say “all lives matter” and Do NOTHING Now: Practice What YOU Protest was written by Elizabeth Schap and first appeared on just B more.

Like what I wrote here? Then please, share it and work to enact change.

Graphic: Close Call Studio


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