Good-bye to 2020 and all the goals I didn’t meet.

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This time last year, we were all joyous as a new decade was upon us. In preparation we made goals and resolutions, plans and forecasts of our future year.

And then 2020 shat all over it.

In a year that has been a lifetime, many of our original goals went by the wayside. In the oddness which was last year, new goals and plans did occur: a LOT of binge lists, booklists and home projects were completed and created. Some people started businesses, some started families.

Now that the year to try and end all years is over, I’m starting to see the goals which were left on the side of the road. They seem to have caught up to us all, their tattered cardboard signs exclaiming “2021 or Bust” held along-side a hitchhiker’s thumb.

This was to be the year in which I started a newsletter, rebranded, and attempted to make a part-time job of this website. I was going to take a trip to New Zealand and Australia. The plans had been made, saved and counted down for 5 years. Earth Treks was going to be my second home as I worked toward conquering a V-4. This was going to be the START of so much.

Nothing happened. I hit no goals. I merely survived.


The defeat of my goals was part of my daily life. I spent all of 2020 just trying to do the best I can for the high school students I teach everyday at my full-time job. Any goal for myself was forgotten and then somehow the year that never ended did.

With all that didn’t happen last year it’s hard to come up with the drive to try again, especially with how everything is still so uncertain. How do you plan a vacation in the summer when you don’t even know if you’ll be able to grab a beer at your local dive bar tomorrow?


2020 was going to be the start. It was supposed to be the “Best Version of You” year. A new decade, a new you. All that advertising bullshit.

No, now is the time to remind ourselves last year was fucked up. There is no reason to try an “make up” for lost time or opportunity with this new calendar.

I will argue this with anyone: the fact you have accomplished anything is great news. The fact that you are here to read this is incredible and something to cherish.

There has been incredible loss, incomprehensible change, and constant uncertainty. I don’t need to go into specifics – you’ve been living it.

So if you are reading this – be kind to yourself. Don’t allow yourself to see last year as a failure and this year as the make or break redo. Give yourself some grace. You are doing extraordinary during this time.

And you will continue to do so.

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