Could I ‘B’ any more cliché?

just B more

So here you are: at the humble beginnings of the just B more blog.

First, let me say…

“Welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a beer, and don’t mind the dog – he’s friendly.”

Now while you get yourself comfortable, let me explain why you should stick around and stay a while…

Because at one time I didn’t want to.

Baltimore born-and-raised, right on the city/county line, I had a fairly typical Maryland upbringing, in that it was filled with family, steamed crabs and quirk. I was in activities that took me all around the Mason Dixon Line and spent many a weekend on the Eastern Shore. And, as any kid would who grew up never moving off the street they were born on, seeing the same people day in and out, and going to nothing but local schools from pre-K to graduate school, I often thought, “I cannot wait to get out of here.”

The weird thing is that when the time came that I could…I didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve traveled more than some, not as much as few. For various reasons and time frames I’ve seen different countries, continents and states. I even have states that I consider a second home. But I never actually made them so. I’ve never lived outside the borders of the “Old Line State.”

While I’m by no means finished with seeing what this planet has to offer in lands not dominated by Oriole birds and blue crustaceans, I realized long ago that to hang my ball cap anywhere else would be unfulfilling. There’s a lot about my own backyard that I haven’t truly experienced. There are towns I haven’t really seen, landmarks I haven’t really appreciated, and cuisine I haven’t had…again…this year…

This blog will be about those towns, landmarks, foods, and anything else along the way that make Baltimore, Maryland my forever home. It’s my personal musings (or ramblings, if you like) into the things that make this Chesapeake Bay bordering state the best place to be. I hope to do justice to some tried and true favorites, reignite passion for treasures sitting just outside the limelight, and stoke interest in things perhaps never considered.

So this, my new friend, is the present-tense memoir of my love affair with not just Baltimore, but all of Maryland. And sometimes-maybe the surrounding areas.

What could just B more fun?


  1. Love it! You know I will be following, and supporting you along the way. My favorite things, since I’ve made this my home (28 years now….) are the seriously quirky things still alive and well in MD. Hope to discover even more!


  2. I look forward to this present day journey! Nice introduction and I am hoping to learn about all of these places I have yet to visit.


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