A Mother’s Day Post, Better Late Than Never

Mom, Lil’ Sister Laura, Me circa 1983. PC: Dad

May is an interesting month for sure. There are school graduation ceremonies from kindergarten to college, spring weather (or lack thereof) and the start of vacation season. But within that is the day that we give to mothers.

I purposely waited until the end of the month to write this, because honestly, when it comes to honoring others, I prefer to do it a little more out of the blue. This is not to say that my mom didn’t get a nice brunch and necklace on her day of honor. But writing about moms, and my mom specifically, feels like it needs to be done in my time and not the calendar’s.

mom and emmy.jpg
Mom and Grandchild. PC: Me!

My mom is what I bet a lot of Baltimore Moms were like in the 80s and 90s. She dedicated her life to her children. She chose not to go back to work until the financial sacrifices we were making (no yearly trips to Disney, no designer clothes, no cable, no video games) weren’t enough, and she was forced to go back to work.

But honestly, my mom was meant to be a MOM. She wanted to be at home with the kids making sure we were doing our homework and going to bed at our ridiculously early bedtimes and not sneaking episodes of The Simpsons.

She made our lunches and did our laundry. She took my sister to dance class and was able to get me a week of art lessons one summer at the BCCC when I was in high school. (Which of course I spent screwing around with those once-a-summer friends.) She baked too many Christmas cookies and let Santa take credit for gifts bought. She stubbornly said she did NOT want the puppy my dad brought home for us, and then cried the hardest when Maverick passed away 14 years later.

Laura, Mom, Me
Laura, Mom, Me. PC: Probably Dad

And I was a typical Baltimore Kid. I thought my mom was being too strict and that my life would be worse for not having cable and video games and The Simpsons.

I was of course an idiot of epic proportions. But that’s the thing about mothers and their kids, moms have to put in the years of knowing better until we’re old enough to see that they did. Though, they will never let you forget that you thought you knew it all when you were a young idiot.

What could just B more motherly?

Laura, Me, Em, Mom
Laura, Me, Laura’s Kid, Mom. PC: Magpie Photography and Creations


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