Taking some time to just be more.


I feel a change coming.

Maybe it’s the social end of summer or the new school year beginning, but whatever it is I’m in need of a change.

I’ve been cultivating this little piece of the internet for five years now and things have definitely grown. According to stats I have 67 subscribers, attained almost 3,000 views and published  62 articles to date. I’ve gained an editor, had an intern, created an Instagram account (with over 500 followers!), and commissioned a logo. Plus, I got my very first business cards – ever, in my whole life.

All of that is absolutely crazy to me considering I started this with an article about oysters just because I wanted to write. And that’s what I think is driving this need for change.

There are truths that I now need to spill:

  • I really, truly, honestly and deeply LOVE writing. It is something that I have done my whole life, and only in private until I started this in 2015. It is a passion that has changed forms but has never died.
  • I want to build a community space here, not just a place where I write in the hopes that people will read. To have real honest engagement from people is something that I have always wished would happen and I’m still hoping it will.
  • This site is not where I want it to be because I want it to be so much more.
  • And I have on multiple occasions stopped myself from writing about topics which I wanted to because of all of these “rules” about branding.

I hate rules. They bother me. And I know that part of this site not being where I dream it to be is because I don’t follow the rules. Which simply means that:

I’m not going to start following them now.

So I’m taking a break from just B more for a time. I need to rethink, readjust and re-ask what I want from myself and this site. It’s time to take it to a higher level and I want to dedicate my time to getting it to where it needs to be instead of simply keeping it where it is. I have no idea what it will look like or when exactly I’ll be back.

All I know is that it will more closely align with where I am and what I want from this writing life. And I’ll be back before the New Year.

Because I have to just B more in 2020 for sure.




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